Pet Sitting & Dog Walking

We don't just walk dogs!  We also care for cats, rabbits, birds, and everything in between.   Heck, we even have a chinchilla and a bearded dragon in our pack! 

Regular Visits (about 30 minutes)
$19 – up to 2 animals
$21 - 3 animals
$23 - 4 animals

Please call for rates on 5 or more animals!

In-home vacation care is a stress-free alternative for pets who don’t tolerate boarding or those needing limited exposure to other animals.  Our visits are typically around 30 minutes and combine activity and companionship with a familiar environment reducing indoor accidents and destructive behavior due to boredom.

Dogs need lots of exercise to stay happy and healthy.  We know it can be hard to walk your dog every day.  Let us walk your dog so that you come home at night or from vacation to a satisfied and happy dog.  Rain, shine, or snow we will walk your dog!

Overnight Visits


$75 - Overnight
$90 - Overnight + Mid Day Visit

When your travel plans don’t include your furry family, we spend the night at your home keeping your pets company and your house occupied. Overnight sleepovers provide your pet with all the comforts of home plus minimal disturbance to their daily routine. Ideal for multiple-pet households, high energy dogs, special need animals, and/or older pets.  
Dogs are treated to leisurely morning and evening walks, plus feeding and unlimited potty breaks.  Approximate times are 9pm to 6am.

Holidays - Additional $8 per Visit

•    New Year's Day
•    Easter
•    Memorial Day
•    4th of July
•    Labor Day
•    Thanksgiving Day
•    Christmas Eve
•    Christmas Day
•    New Year's Eve

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