Our Rescue Story

It all started when we saw a stray dog without a collar walking around during one of our walks in 2009.  We took him in our home and fostered him until we were able to find him a forever home and family.  Since then, we have rescued and found permanent homes for over 150 dogs and cats in the Nashville area. 

We feel like God has called us to help animals in Nashville and run this aspect of our business as a ministry/non-profit.  We have an application and interview process to ensure a good fit for the family and for the animals.  We don't sell any of the animals, however, we do ask for a donation to our foundation to demonstrate that the new owner is ready for the responsibility of being a pet owner and to help us cover expenses.  Veternarian bills can get rather expensive for many of these furry little angels.

In addition to donations, we are also always looking for foster homes.  Please let us know if you or someone that you know can help!


stray dog

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